Home made bacon


1 A good cut of pork belly is hard to find at Coles or Woolies. It’s expensive and often too much fat and too thin to make decent bacon. I use a boneless leg roast that makes a slightly less fatty bacon. It still has a thinner strip of fat to crisp it up, but the actual bacon itself isn’t streaky which is better. Have read that others use shoulder pork.

2. Make a mixture of salt, sugar and nitrate (prague powder/pink salt). I get the prague powder from Country Brewers online. Apparently it’s not really needed, but it gives the bacon the pink look.

3. Rub salt mixture all over it. Have never followed online recipes for quantities etc, just take a guess. Sometimes it ends up too salty, but mostly it’s OK.

4. Leave in the fridge for about a week. Drain regularly.

5. Smoke (no need to wrap foil or anything around it) for a few hours.

6. Let it cool then slice.

7. Freeze some to last longer.

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