NY style pastrami

Not the thin sliced crap from the Deli at the supermarket!



1. Buy salt reduced corn beef from Coles or Woolies when it is on special.

2. Use the recipe here to make a wet brine. I think this in effect corns the beef. Might be able to skip this step if using corned beef, but I like to think that this gives it more flavour. Otherwise, could use a different cut of beef but the corned beef stuff tends to be the most similar to pastrami style cuts I can find. As a bonus, it also tends to be the cheapest.

3. Marinate it in the brine for about a week, maybe more.

4. Follow the steps here. My comments are below

5. Need to find a better way of grinding coriander seeds and peppercorns! Drives my little grinder nuts.

6. Wrap in foil

7. Smoke for ages… I did it first thing in the morning and didn’t take it off until about 8pm.

8. Put it in the fridge to cool overnight

9. Steam it for ages. This is critical to getting the really nice flake away type of cut. It’s hard to tell when it’s done though.

10. Serve

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