Philly cheese steak

I tried the Philly cheese steak when I was in Philadelphia. To me, it’s almost like nice kebab meat on a roll, with cheese on top. Haven’t quite been able to replicate it here back home, suspect it has something to do with the cheese spread (the Americans use ‘Whizz’ cheese spread, which I gather is some sort of artificial cheese concoction).

1. Try and buy a thick cut of meat.  Woolworths sometimes sells a thick t-Bone cut which tastes quite nice.

2. Partially freeze to make it easier to slice.

3. Slice thinly

4. Chop up onions and capsicum

5. Cook onions and capsicum in saucepan, set aside.

6. Cook thinly sliced beef on saucepan.

7. Add cheese on top of a bit of beef whilst it is still on the saucepan to allow it to melt. Tastes most American when you use some sort of cheese spread (e.g. Aldi cheddar cheese spread). Can also use provolone (can be expensive to buy) or other cheese.

7. Top with onions and capsicum, salt and pepper.

8. Serve on a roll.

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